Storms threaten flood area

British Pathe film

By Janet Penn

Another British Pathe © film.

The description for the film is:

Various shots of flood scenes at Canvey Island. Amphibious vehicles are used to help. Lots of flooded out houses.

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This page was added by Janet Penn on 07/04/2010.
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This clip starts with the view from the top of Korndyke Avenue at the junction with the High Street. Behind the car, on the far left, is the back of the bungalow where Reg Morgan, Phoebe Morgan & Dennis Morgan were tragically drowned in Adelsburg Road. As the camera pans across, the white house was called 'Hope Villa' in Korndyke Avenue where I was born in 1948. My parents, brother and I were rescued by being lifted out of the upstairs window into a rowing boat. My aunt and uncle lived in a bungalow in Larup Avenue which backed onto our garden, and they managed to swim across to our house to wait for rescue with us. The water was about 6 feet deep at the time we were rescued. Our old house and the bungalow closest to the camera are still there today. At the time of the flood, Korndyke was an unmade road with a dyke running from left to right just behind the car.

By George Payne
On 11/02/2013

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