Early Canvey Taxi

Benfleet to Leigh Beck

By Graham Stevens

The passengers look happy during this trip from Benfleet Station, presumably the driver has jumped off to take the photo. At least this Canvey road appears to have no pot-holes, unlike those on the Island today. I guess the destination boards only applied if the tide was out!

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This page was added by Graham Stevens on 09/07/2010.
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I thought the lady dressed in strips was the driver. I have seen other pictures with the same uniform.

By Janet Penn
On 09/07/2010

I've just had a closer look and seen who is holding the reins. My apologies to the lady driver! Graham.

By Graham
On 09/07/2010

Could it be Maud Crow, Jobmaster, Canvey on Sea?

By Robert Hallmann
On 16/07/2010

That seems quite likely , Robert.

By Graham
On 12/08/2010