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I should very much like to have scanned copies of these and other Prout documents, in particular those dealing with their kayaks/canoes. I used these craft between 1958 and 1963 when employed by PGL Voyages. My current interest is as researcher into canoe history for the Historic Canoe and Kayak Assn (

By tony ford
On 29/11/2010

Interesting, will sort some out. PGL. I remember selling the first Prout canoes to Peter. Is the firm still going

By Ian Hawks
On 30/11/2010

Yes, PGL is still going, although Peter died in 2004. You will find a brief history on the company and of Peter at: I did contact the company some time ago with a hope of getting some early photos but to no avail. I shall try again.

By Tony Ford
On 01/12/2010

Hi Tony

I have a canvas canoe in reasonable good shape. (Water worthy)  The plaque inside reads.......G. Prout & Sons,  British made collectable boats,  Titcraft,  Canvey, Essex.  There is also a patent number but I need someone with better eyesight than mine to read it.   Interested in your comments.

By Ann Isherwood
On 15/07/2017


I had a Prout folding dinghy which I converted to the sailing version with a gunter rig. It was red with the name Robin at Chapman sands sailing club.

It went missing when I went off to sea in the 60s. Anyone know where it went ?



It "disappeared

By sparrow
On 18/07/2017

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