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Hi Tricia Re the shop in Hartfield's Parade, this may jog your memory a bit, from the early 50s it was 'Timbercraft' owned by my mate Dave Smith's dad and by the 60s run by Dave himself. That lean-to and the end shop were full of timber and the other shop was D.I.Y. stuff. In 1961/2 it was the regularly meeting place for our 'gang' planning our week-end forays off the Island. Even in those days the back wall was almost falling off the end shop.

Although I cannot give you any details about the 'Taylor Cup,' I know the guy presenting it is Mr Taylor who owned the petrol station/garage in Long Rd and I think he was possibly the chairman of the local Chamber of Commerce at that time. The Cup probably had something to with one of Canvey's O.A.P. clubs. Graham.

By Graham Stevens
On 29/07/2010

Great memories Tricia - this is what the archive is all about! The wooden lean to was demolished / fell down a couple of years ago!

By David Bullock
On 29/07/2010

Before the shop was Timbercraft, I seem to remember the name John Redl on a shop in that parade, in a similar type of business.

By mikey
On 02/08/2010

Update; I've just spoken to Dave Smith and he says that his family started Timbercraft in 1947. Graham.

By Graham
On 10/08/2010