Claremont House

Does anyone remember

By Janet Penn

Does anyone remember Claremont House? This picture was sent to me but so far we do not know where this was situated. The name rings bells but thats all. To the left of the picture there is just a part of another building showing. Looks like letters on the roof perhaps a cafe or shop.

If you can help please comment below.

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This page was added by Janet Penn on 27/08/2010.
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There used to be a Claremont Club, in the late 1920's/30s, which was in the road that ran down the side of Cox's Stores. My mother used to sing there when my parents lived in 'Westward Ho' in Station Road. i don't know if this was the same place.

By Maureen Buckmaster
On 27/08/2010

You could well be on to something Maureen. That letter on the roof of the building next door is probably a 'C'.

By Janet Penn
On 27/08/2010

I definitely think your in the right area Maureen, my first flash of memory was the name 'Claremont' written in a stained glass door frame and then associated that with the big house the Niles built on the corner of Dovercliff Rd or Westcliff Gdns. I'll be round that way tomorrow so I'll check it out.

By Graham Stevens
On 27/08/2010

The house that the Niall family (apologies for mis_spelling in previous post) built is on the west corner of Westcliff Gdns and South Parade.

The building is now virtually surrounded by trees and the configuration on the front of the house seems to have been changed, so I was unable to see the name in the glass door.

There are still coloured glass motifs in the windows that are visible. However, there is a wooden name-plate inscribed 'Claremont' on the side of the house facing South Parade.

I clearly remember this property under construction(must have been late 50s/ early 60s) but I'm not sure whether it was flat field or overgrown debris prior to the build. Obviously, the Nialls had some knowledge of the history of the site.

By Graham Stevens
On 03/09/2010

This story solves a mystery for me. A previous comment on this site quoted that there was a "Clarendon Club" down Clarendon rd off Seaview rd. I knew this was a mistake because I grew up in a house called Clarendon down Clarendon rd which is off Mornington rd near the newlands area. It was obviously the "Claremont Club" they were thinking of! Nice to join up the dots.

By Irene Mercer nee Brand
On 31/07/2013

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