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Hi. Re Arthur Reed I'm not sure if I've told this story before but it was told to me by Wally Brown [of the cafe]. When Arthur was much younger, he and Fred Leach the farmer had a mates/rivals relationship. One day they both got plastered in the Red Cow and decided to have a race for money in their horse drawn traps or carts from there to the Haystack. For most of the race they were neck and neck but what Fred didn't realise was that Arthur was leaning over and holding Fred's brake lever partly on. This led to Fred's horse becoming progressively exhausted so that a final burst gave Arthur the result. Dear old boy. Regards Sparrow

By sparrow
On 03/10/2010

Hi Until I read this page I had never heard of Sparrow the bus conductor. Who is or was he? Regards Sparrow

By sparrow
On 03/10/2010

Hi Sparrow Thanks for this great story about Arthur Reed, I was hoping for some more tales about him, so if anyone else has other stories, please let's have 'em. Re your namesake Sparrow, he worked on the Canvey buses in the 50s and his wife was also a conductress. Generally known as 'Sparrer Dent' it's probable that his nickname stemmed from his shortness of stature and possibly from his agility in being able to hop up and down the stairs and around the bus. Graham.

By Graham
On 06/10/2010

Hi, I remember Arthur Reed wielding a scythe (the old father time type) & cutting the reeds (how appropriate!) in the Canvey dykes, if there was a bridge over the dyke near to where he was working he would hide under it if he saw someone approaching who would normally be a woman, and, as she crossed he would shout a very loud BOO!

One of the occasions I saw this on was the bridge over the dyke at the bottom of Labworth Road on the path leading to May Avenue!

Now there was a true Canvey character.

By Ian Newman
On 09/10/2010

my dad new Arthur Reed well, dad worked for the essex riverboard as it was known then, and he had a works shed, which Arthur spent a lot of time in getting a warm and a cuppa, in return he would keep us supplied with rabbits For the pot!! My Dad would keep an eye out for him on cold mornings and made sure he had warm clothing and blankets, great character! Wish i had listened to my dads stories about Arthur , would have been nice to share them.

Both my grandad and mum worked with sparrow dent on the buses, grandad was Bert Shelley, mum was Bonnie.

By Donna spooner
On 12/07/2016

I used to go poaching on Canvey farms with him, and had many a ride on his bike handle bars

By Joe Nash
On 27/01/2018

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