The Story of Canvey Island V

The Days That Yet May Be

Old days are passing—new days now are here;
Soon we may see a long and crowded pier,
A railway station not too far from home,
And then, perhaps, the Canvey Aerodrome.

And so the patient work and earnest thought
To daily task and pressing problem brought
By men whose names may never know renown,
Evolves the settled order of THE TOWN.

And we who oft with many doubts and fears
Have watched the changes of the passing years
Will trust that in the town that is to be
There still may dwell the old simplicity.

The love of Nature’s peace and quietude,
The scorn of faction and of futile feud;
A place where worth is valued none the less
Because it wears a humble home-spun dress;

Where strength shall be considerate of the weak,
And youth and age in harmony shall seek
To show how men can make a home of worth
Yet not despoil the face of God’s fair earth;

The home of honour, truth and purity,
Where children’s innocence unsoiled may be;
Where suffering souls from pain may find release
And age may spend and Eventide of Peace.

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  • What a wonderful and perfect description of Canvey in poetry.

    By Janet Blundell (07/03/2009)
  • Every line I read was so explisit of Canvey Island. MY HOME. And proud to be a CANVEYITE BORN AND BRED. Your words are beautiful. Thankyou.

    By Lesley Gowers (28/04/2021)

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