Mr Reynard

My "Foxy" new neighbour

I am absolutely fascinated by my new neighbour. What a handsome specimen. I could watch him all day. I have never seen a fox so close or for so long, he is so relaxed. My family fight to get to the window ‘to have a look’. He watches us watching him. I have also watched him in the streets at night with his lady friend. Unfortunately I cannot get photos then. I wonder how long he will stay?

Meeting my new neighbour Mr Reynard for the first time

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  • Love these photos!

    By Lesley (19/08/2008)
  • These pics are fantastic Janet. I just love this guy he is so cool.

    By Teresa Penney (25/08/2008)
  • It’s great to see someone embracing our wildlife rather than wanting kill it. They are great creatures

    By Roger Watling (26/05/2009)
  • Great fox, wish a fox like that would visit me in my garden! 🙂

    By James Walsh (04/05/2010)

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