Swans at a Canvey Lake

A family outing!

Jackson's Photo Service

This lovely picture was taken in the late 1950’s nearĀ a lake which you can see in the background.

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  • I used to live in thisselt road, where my mum and dad still live and we often had ducks and swans walk down the road, and sometimes they even came through the back garden just like this, fond memories of feeding them all.

    By JASMINE FENN (05/08/2009)
  • This has got to be the record clutch of 11 cygnets produced around the time of Canvey Flood by the resident pair of swans. The event was reported in the national newspapers, I believe. Sadly, one of the cygnets died, but the pair raised the remaining 10 and locals spent a lot of time watching them.

    By Yvonne Creasy, nee Burgess (07/02/2014)

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