East London Group

Out of the City Exhibition

Walter Steggles painting of Canvey Shell beach featuring the tea hut (probably Cox’s) and the beach house jetty

At the weekend I made the trip to Beecrofts Gallery in Southend for this exhibition. I had been in contact with the curator of the exhibition, Alan Waltham for sometime trying to pinpoint where a couple of paintings were done.

This painting of Shell Beach, painted in 1933 by Walter (Wally) Steggles was chosen to be the principle painting of the group, so although it is relatively small it played a major part in the publicity and the exhibits.

I chose to go last Saturday as Alan was giving a guided tour of the exhibits and their creators. Although I am not an arty person I found his talk to be very interesting and if anyone can get along on the 25th June when Alan will again be giving talks, I can assure you your time wont be wasted.

You can see the flyer with times etc in the gallery below please click on the thumbnail to see enlargement.

The East London Group, Out of the City Exhibition

The Steggles brothers Harold and Walter both artists and members of the East of London Group

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  • This morning I saw a very  interesting piece on the BBC news regarding an upcoming exhibition of the East London Group . They were talking about Albert Turpin, with that I googled it and found the whole concept of this group incredible and am definitely going to visit. Now I don’t know about you but once you google one thing it leads you to others and out of the page jumped Walter and Harold Steggles and their many paintings ,one of which is above, which they painted when they were members of the group. The reason I’m writing this is that when I was a youngster, having been born and bred on Canvey one of our very dear neighbours were Mr and Mrs Steggles. What Im interested in is to find out if they had any connection to the Steggle brothers as we know that they painted a few pictures of Canvey and other local scenes. 

    By Barbara Roycroft (24/09/2017)
  • You should have gone to the exhibition in Southend Barbara. I met some of the family and had a very good narrated tour of the exhibition.

    By Janet Penn (24/09/2017)
  • Sadly I hadn’t even heard about them before this weekend Janet, I’d have been there like a shot if I’d known about it. Still I’m definitely going to go to the one in London as I really like the whole ethos of the group. Keeping my fingers crossed that someone of there may have answers about my neighbours ! 

    By Barbara Roycroft (25/09/2017)

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