Britannia comes up the Thames

Harry Russell

This is another Harry Russell picture, I think the original was in St Katherines Church where we first saw it.

Me having been on the sea wall when the Royal Yacht came up the Thames, and my husband as a sea scout from Leigh On Sea, right out in the ray in his canoe.

I met my husband the following year and we talked about how wonderful it was to see Britannia come up the Thames, then years later we saw the painting (we were one of the last couples to have married at st Katherine’s)

We went to Harry’s house where we bought this from him, Harry added the info, he was such a nice man and offered us Coffee. He also gave us some photos of four other paintingsĀ  – These are featured in the Harry Russell Section.


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  • I have the original, just had it cleaned and reframed.

    By George Wright (13/09/2012)
  • My nan was Harry Russell’s mother her name was Gwendoline Blanche McCrerie she had remarried after the death of Harry’s father in the first world war. Nan had a lot of Harry ‘s paintings in the back room where we would all gather for our meal when we visited Nan I was fascinated by these huge liners so consequently I love cruising. Harry has left a lasting legacy.

    By Lynn Karen L'eglise (31/08/2021)

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