Warrawee - home of the Venables family

Great painting of the Venable’s home in Long Road near the War Memorial at the Paddocks.

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  • It would appear that the Venables family moved to Warrawee in 1927. The property was initially owned by Mr CHADLEIGH, I assume the VENABLES purchased the property off Mr CHADLEIGH although I have no information to confirm this.

    By Martin Lepley (18/01/2022)
  • It’s only a hunch but the fact that this is apparently painted on hardboard and the style looks very similar to others painted by Charlie Shayes I have a feeling that this is one of his he knocked out on the quick. Only doubt is that there is no signature which on others he put it in the bottom r/ hand corner! Graham.

    By Graham (19/01/2022)
  • Yes I was looking Graham. The painting is being donated to the Heritage Centre don’t know if it is already on it’s way there if not Linda might have a look on the back where sometimes information is forthcoming.

    By Janet Penn (19/01/2022)

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