2 - Lew Lewis has died

Member of the Southside Jug Band along with Lee Collinson (Brilleaux) and Chris White (Fenwick).

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  • As a 17yr old living in Newbury, Berks, my mate’s dad’s mate took us to London in his Morris 1100 (what a treat for a couple of young lads looking to see the big world of rock’n’roll). We ended up at the Marquee in Wardour St.
    We saw Lew Lewis Reformer. I had never seen/heard/felt anything like it before! I stood by the big black bins next to the stage… felt the air pushing my chest. The sweat was dripping off the ceiling. It was so damn hot, l wished I hadn’t worn my ‘fashionable’ blazer and tie. The energy of the music meant l couldn’t keep still. Rick Taylor leant forward and let me strum his guitar… blimey! Quite possibly the best gig I have ever seen (the 1st best). I didn’t bother to try to play the gob-iron, Lew was the pinnacle for me (dirty,edgy,tatty). Not many people I hear since can do it like that. I was truely moved to hear of Lew’s passing. I never knew him and I guess our lives were quite different, but after an hour and a half in a small sweaty club with his music, he had changed my life (and my taste in music). Thank you Lew Lewis RIB

    By Barney (08/10/2022)

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