Tide of Terror (2006)

written by Terry Smith

A story of the ultimate terrorist atrocity that has the potential to severely interrupt the Nation’s economy for years to come ….. and cause the violent deaths of over thirty thousand people on South East Essex.

Headed by a ruthless Iranian, a four man terrorist cell with contacts to the Al Qaeda network, plan an unconventional attack on multiple targets; any one of which is capable of inflicting a heavy number of casualties and collectively causing economic chaos with a horrendous death toll.

With anti-terrorist forces racing against limited intelligence and time, it is left to two charter-boat crewmen – ex Special Forces – to thwart the terrorists’ plans.

The clock is ticking …. Can they be stopped?

So says the blurbed on the back of the book but does it live up to the hype?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is set in the SE of Essex and knowing the area helped to understand the terrorists’ targets and what the outcome could be. Well worth a read. I won’t spoil it by telling you what happens but the ending is a surprise.

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  • May I ask to borrow that Jan!

    By David Bullock (14/05/2009)
  • Yes of course Dave

    By Janet Penn (15/05/2009)
  • Hi Janet. Just come across the Canvey website and your comments on my novel, ‘Tide of Terror’. Glad you enjoyed the read. The area chosen as background for the book was my old hunting ground, having lived in Westcliff/Leigh for forty years before retiring to Ringwood in the New Forest. As it was originally self-published for family and friends I did not expect it to find its way into the literary world outside but have been most pleased to see it appear in Waterstones and other outlets – gave me encouragement to commence a second, sequel novel ,’Cruise of Terror’ that I am currently half way through and hope to complete by March next year. Having now found the website I’ll keep my eye on it for all the interesting submissions.
    Terry Smith (Author)

    By Terry Smith (11/12/2009)
  • Hi Terry
    I read the book and thouroughly enjoyed it!

    By David Bullock (15/12/2009)
  • Can I have it back Dave?

    By Janet Penn (15/12/2009)
  • LOL Jan – How embarrasing! Sorry I thought I had given it back to you – I had taken it to Canvey. Just checked and it’s in my Canvey box – I’ll drop it off next time on Canvey. Happy Christmas to you and the family, Dave

    By David Bullock (23/12/2009)
  • Thanks Dave. Happy Christmas to you and yours

    By Janet Penn (23/12/2009)

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