Canvey Island's Early Buses

A new book by Peter Clark

At first glance you might think this is a book only for people very interested in buses and would not be of interest to anyone else. You would be wrong.

Peter Clark has written a delightful book covering the history of the early buses on the island which includes many stories of the rivalries and shenanigans that used to go on especially between the local buses and the mainland ones that dared to cross over from Benfleet, ‘interlopers from across the creek’ is how Peter describes them. They would end up in ditches or bogged down in the deepest pot-holes.  We don’t treat them like that anymore, do we?

Some came from as far afield as Kent. The Canvey bus men complained about the ‘importation of alien buses’.

There is an article in a local newspaper about three busmen of Canvey. One was deformed in one leg, another had a glass eye and the third was subject to fits. They obviously did not have to pass a medical in those days.

There are lots of pictures, lots more stories and I think at just £4.95 well worth a read.

The archive is holding a few copies which we will be selling at the Castle Point Show or you can pick one up from us at the next Canvey Market. They are for sale at ‘News for you’ in Furtherwick Road and if all else fails email me at and I will pass on your details to Peter so he can send you a copy direct.

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  • Looks great – a must have!

    By David Bullock (07/07/2011)

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