Without Warning the great storm of 1953

by Carmel King

This book by Carmel King was written about the time of the 50th anniversary of the flood of 1953. It is written in an unusual way in that Carmel has written it like a diary. Noting the time and day and what was happening at that time.  From the start when on the 29th January a slow moving depression is discovered by the Meteorological Office between the Azores and Iceland. It is told with background stories of the plight of people like the Manser family of Canvey, who lost three young sons, to the people of the East Coast and the Netherlands. Well worth a read and well illustrated.

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  • Never seen this

    By David Bullock (11/03/2009)
  • Does anyone know if this is available in bookstores in the Southend area? I’d like to buy a copy when I visit in Oct/Nov. I’m in Canada right now and custom taxes nearly doubles the cost of the book if you order over the web. Thanks John

    By John Mullany (15/04/2009)
  • I got the book and it was very good, however, it could have done with tighter editing. I’m surprised I never heard of this flood considering how severe it was.

    By John Mullany (25/10/2009)

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