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  • This is now the site of the Essex Coachworks repair garage.

    By Nick Rutter (26/07/2015)
  • I don’t know how this came to be in the 1960 edition as I was still living there at the time and it was still Hooton Stores and Service Station! My parents, Harry and Doris Harvey, had the old pumps removed and a large forecourt etc laid down by Micky Saunders in 1959. The official opening ceremony was in October 1960. It was later sold to Regent, we moved round the corner to San Remo Road and the old shop and bungalow pulled down. Photographs to follow.

    By Dee Weightman (29/07/2015)
  • Probably because it should be 1969 issue 🙁 ooops

    By Janet Penn (29/07/2015)
  • Oh good, thought my memory was playing tricks for a moment ! However, I did get the builder’s name wrong: Sanders not Saunders.

    By Dee Weightman (31/07/2015)
  • Your memory is fine. Unfortunately when I made the file on my computer I must have hit the 0 instead of the 9 when I scanned the booklet and it is not obvious from the pages what the date was. The date is only on the tide table pages. So once you queried it I quickly checked. 

    By Janet Penn (31/07/2015)

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