A Holiday Camp by the Sea

From Captivating Canvey 1969

Thorney Bay after the new seawall was finished

A week’s holiday from 20/- is what it costs at Thorney Bay Beach Camp, ideally placed in one of the most beautiful parts of the Island, yet within easy reach of the Island’s main shopping and amusement centres.

The Camp, which has been built and completely equipped since the war, is divided into Holiday Chalets and a beautifully laid out Caravan Holiday Site.

Chalets are available with every modern convenience, and for those who prefer to do their own cooking, gas stoves are provided in properly-equipped cooking rooms, apart from gas rings actually in the chalets. Electric light is provided throughout the Camp without charge, hot baths are obtainable, and many facilities to ensure a comfortable holiday.

The Camp is self-contained, and there are a number of shops, including a newsagent, provision and general stores, drapers, cafe, and all that goes to make a shopping centre. The cafe and tea bar provides refreshment service all day.

The Camp has its own children’s paddling pool, swings and sandpits, while in Thorney Bay there is a children’s swimming pool and large, safe sandy beaches where mothers can watch the children enjoy themselves in the sunshine.

Apart from the sandy beach on the South side of the Camp there are thirty acres of grassland for playing and recreation.

Cinema shows are free for visitors, and other attractions include band shows and talent competitions, all of which are included in the low prices and combine to make “a happy holiday by the sea.”

You must visit the Camp for your Holiday


It provides a first-class holiday without additional charges or expensive extras.

It’s only 10 seconds from Canvey’s natural shell beaches and the sea.

It’s only 10 minutes from the nearest station.

There’s plenty of amusements for all.

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