Eight Points why you should come to Canvey Island.

From The Guide to Canvey Island 1933

More pages from the 1933 guide telling of the good reasons to come to Canvey Island. Hints on insect bites and stings and an ode or two.

1. It is the Sea-side Resort nearest to London, being only 29 miles from Fenchurch Street.

2.The tonic properties of the air, the Island being entirely surrounded by “saltings,” is second to none in England.

3.Communication with the mainland, by means of a bridge available for vehicular traffic.

4.Bulk electricity and gas are available in most parts of the Island at a cheap rate, also Company’s water.

5.It is one of the few places in England where an attractive freehold week-end bungalow can be bought, or erected, at prices from £200 upward, while bungalow sites, in good positions, can be purchased for £40, or less if further away from the sea and shops.

6.The Island is a self governing unit, and has the additional advantage of an active Chamber of Trade. A recreation ground adjoining Shell beach with an extensive car park is now available, while steps are being taken to construct a boating and bathing lake in the immediate vicinity, available at any stage of the tide.

Canvey Point, a unique and entirely unspoiled position which juts out into the estuary of the Thames immediately opposite Leigh-on-Sea, has been rendered accessible by the extension of the Main Road, while a scheme put forward by the Chamber of Trade for the creation of a salt water lake of 42 acres is now in contemplation.

7.The shopping facilities on the Island are excellent; the licensed houses are either of the most modern descrip­tion, or attract by their ” old world ” charm. There are Churches of various denominations and good social clubs, while the ” season,” which lasts from Easter to the end of September, is distinguished by an air of ” freedom ” difficult of attainment in places built on more conventional lines.

8.A week on Canvey Island will do you more good than a fortnight elsewhere, while a bungalow there will give you a ” window ” to the sea.


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  • I think the ‘air of freedom’ mentioned above is something I’ve mentioned before. My mother always told me that several British stars of the twenties and early thirties often came to Canvey where they could enjoy ‘liaisons’ without people in London knowing about it.

    By Maureen Buckmaster (12/03/2013)

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