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Canvey seems to be engaging the attention of several prominent papers of London, and it is highly probable more may yet be heard in days to come. Suffice it to say we herein quote only a few of the many favourable comments that have been made from time to time.

The Daily News of April 8 says: “Canvey Island is looking up. Last week the first number of its newspaper circulated among its gratified inhabitants. Soon will be the opening of its light railway now being constructed (at the cost of £48,000) from the eastern extremity of the island to Benfleet. Canvey is noted for its golden sands, fresh air, and sea birds. But per­haps the most remarkable thing about it is that it is only thirty miles from London.”

The Daily Mirror of May 23rd remarks: “London is to have a brand new sea-side resort all its own this year. Thirty miles from the Metropolis is Benfleet and opposite is Canvey Island. The majority of people have never even heard of the place. All this is now being altered. Two months ago Canvey’s first newspaper was published, a railway is being constructed, and a viaduct from Canvey to the mainland is being considered.”

Referee of June 12th “Dagonet,” in “Mustard and Cress,” observes : “I am thinking of spending my autumn holiday on Canvey Island, dreamily, drowsily watching the ships of the world go by. My imagination has been fired by the accounts of Canvey-on-Sea given in the Canvey News and Dutch Island Chronicle. Canvey Island is a wonderful place. It is mentioned by Ptolemy in his handy little work, ” Geographike Huphégàsis ” (the Canvey News is my informant), which was compiled in the year 161 b.c., and in the year 1904 the local journal organised a ‘Treasure Hunt’ for the benefit of its circula­tion. Canvey Island has a great past, and I venture to think a great future.

The Evening News of May 28, under the heading “Canvey Island,” reports : “Up to the present London has depended for its nearer seaside resorts upon Southend, Sheerness, Brighton, Herne Bay, and Margate, but this year (says the “Health Resort”) it is to have a new addition in the shape of Canvey Island, which is situated in the Thames off Benfleet, 30 miles only from London.

The development of Canvey Island was taken in hand two years ago, and shortly a railway, a viaduct, and a pier will be opened.

Apart from its proximity to London, Canvey Island possesses advantages of a unique character, for it is surrounded by a sea wall built by a Dutchman which would almost make one fancy one were in Holland.

Below Sea Level.

“This was found to be necessary, as some of the land is below the level of the sea. Its one church which can be seen from the river, is quite unornamented and Dutch-looking in character, and the people themselves show traces of Dutch descent and bear Dutch names. When Canvey Island is ready for the public, about next July, they will be able to enjoy its many advantages after quite a short journey by train.”

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