Is Canvey Immoral?

Southend Times Poster 1940s

Canvey has been plagued by talk of ‘goings on’ on the island for many years. Perhaps brought about by Londoners coming here for trysts in the earlier years of the 20th century.

What exactly the item in the Southend Times was about we can but guess.

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  • My parents moved from London to Canvey in 1960. Upon telling my Nan the news she called it ‘Sin Island’ as apparently it was where many people went to live with their new partners after affairs, allegedly!
    PS my parents were married 😂

    By Bill Darbyshire (11/01/2022)
  • Sin Island hhhmmm it was pretty lively in the late 70s, my parents moved there in 1962 and i lived there on the island until around 1990, but we all used to go to the Bull over Hockley woods, that was the place to take a girl who was not your g/f or wife, all ya mates were there but none of us spoke to each other lol great times.

    By BRIAN KAVANAGH (11/01/2022)

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