Prolific Pullet

Chelmsford Chronicle 1950

Reported in the Chelmsford Chronicle in 1950.

Chelmsford Chronicle 1950

  • A six-month pullet at Canvey Island, owned by Mr Rodney A Hall, of Taranto Road, laid two double-yolk eggs, a single-yolk, a four-yolk and a 2 3/4 oz egg in seven days.

Ouch! What was she in training for the Olympics?


Also in the Chronicle in 1950

Chelmsford Chronicle 1950

  • Sixty-six eggs, hidden away by broody hens, have been found in one nest at Canvey Island, Essex.

Strange goings on by the poultry of Canvey. What were they feeding them on in 1950?

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  • The story “prolific pullets”has brought back yet another 1953 Flood memory Jan.31st.-Feb.1st. 1953. Jan.31st. was my father’s birthday. He had arrived home at #1 Marine Approach,along with my mother and sister, at about 11.30 p.m.,after having played (piano) with his dance band at The Admiral Jellico.They were all in bed when I arrived home after midnight.Having walked all the way home from the dance I was pretty tired and went upstairs to bed. Soon after that our dog started barking and our chickens were also making a lot of noise.!! Then my dad was yelling up the stairs to me with the scariest words I had heard since the War. “Gerald,get up and get dressed, the Island is flooding.!! Of course, I was up in a flash, and had to dress in my still wet clothing from the snowy, sleety walk home. Once down stairs, and able to look outside, I could see that out chicken coop had already been inundated and some of the birds were still struggling there. Not knowing how bad the flooding was going to get we remembered that our neighbour,Stan Gray had also just got home from the Jellico, (he often sang in front of the band) and his place was in darkness. I waded across, past the now silent chicken coup, and banged on Stan’s side door to awaken him. Just another of the events leading up to everything that the flood would create over the next many weeks and months. Gerald Hudson

    By Gerald Hudson (07/07/2012)

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