Canvey tramway used as a toy

Daily Mirror 1913

One of several in operation

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  • A very interesting picture that raises a few questions. Although the trolley in the 1913 bears a strong superficial resemblance to Hester’s horse drawn monorail car, careful examination would appear to show two rails and four wheels as stated in the article. By that time the monorail had been gone for some ten years, and the coversion to 3′ 6″ gauge electric tramway had ended in failure with all the equipment actioned off for salvage C1906. How did these tracks survive and where exactly were they?

    By Garry Miller (05/09/2021)
  • It does not actually say when the photos were taken. As happens today older photos were used for a feature article. So all one can say for sure is the photos were 1913 or before.

    By Janet Penn (06/09/2021)

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