Looks like these little blighters have been on the island longer than I have.

They obviously did not manage to eradicate them, unless there was a new infestation. I would have thought the floods would have finished them off for a while at least.


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  • these moths and their catapillers were certianly around in the 1970s. the catapillers caused a nasty itchy rash if you came into contact with them, as i often did over 60 achers or lakeside. they built web type nests usualy in fruit trees and devastated the follage on them

    By Gary Casson (18/09/2020)
  • I can remember in the mid 60s going with my Dad to the council offices in Sydervelt Road to get DDT powder which he mixed with water so the nests in our garden could be sprayed. Not sure if the powder was free or not.

    By Janet Walden (18/09/2020)

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