Flood Warning Sirens

Notification of siren testing 1996

Flood warning siren testing
Castlepoint Transport Museum

Until quite recently one of the ways the people of Canvey Island could be warned about the risk of flooding would’ve been by sounding the sirens.

These were strategically placed around the Island. They were sounded briefly once a month. Once a year in the summer they were sounded fully for several minutes.

The sirens have now been removed because the warnings can now be given via text, email and phone alerts.

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  • I was 14 yo during the floods I went that night to the opening of big hall with beautiful parquet flooring a-band played a great night. Only to woken up by the frightening sound of the war time siren that I remember so well as a child during the war. My mother said that’s telling that Canvey is flooding. I went to warn relative a block away, And on the way back heard the screaming of people drowning down by the lake and the water coming up from the gutter instead of going down. I let my horse out of the stable and went to a three story house opposite. In Urmond Rd.

    By Chris Williams’s about 3.3 am (13/01/2022)
  • This system may have been replaced by text or email but are they ever tested? I have signed up but never receive a text or email. Does the system work?

    By Martin Lepley (13/01/2022)
  • They do work Martin. Before they realised Canvey was not going to flood because of the seawall (doh) they changed things. When they first started we got alarms coming through because they seem to think we would flood the same as Southend or Leigh. I was at a meeting and everyones phones were going off. When I got home there was a message on my answerphone plus an email had come through. Today things would have to be very dire for us to get an alarm call.

    By Janet Penn (13/01/2022)

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