Dutch Cottage - Canvey

by Katie Mallett

Dutch house, dolls house,
Show house, old house,
Pretty house, pink house,
Holds more than you think house,
Crammed with Island History house,
To children’s eyes a mystery house.

Thatched house, round house,
In its own grounds house,
Never parked so easy house,
Entrance is for free house,
Tended with loving care house,
With delights for all to share house.

Council has its freehold house,
Never should be sold house,
Replaced it could never be house,
Treasure it for ever house,
Little folk museum house,
Small, round, pink, thatched, old Dutch Cottage.

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  • Hello, Whilst going through some photographs taken by my father’s cousin’s father who was a Mr Gulliver I came across a picture of ‘The Dutch Round House’ Canvey Island and according to the notation in the book it was taken between 1904 and 1906. It would be lovely to give him the credit and presence after all this time. I can scan and send if you’re interested. Robin

    By Robin Mayhew (31/05/2013)
  • Yes please. Send it to us jan@canveyisland.org. Any old pictures of Canvey are very welcome

    By Janet Penn (31/05/2013)

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