Canvey during the lockdown and after

With Canvey Island on lockdown during the current pandemic (2020) we are looking for photos taken during this time recording it for the future. What happens today is tomorrow's history.

As we at the archive are also in lockdown we cannot get out and about to take photos ourselves so we are asking you if you have taken any photos or videos during this time. Whether it is from your window or when you are out on your permitted walk or perhaps taken something like your street clapping for the NHS anything. Please consider uploading to the archive so we can record this piece of history as it happens.

We are now also including photos taken in the months after the initial lockdown.

Just think about all those photos we have of the flood. They tell the story of Canvey during that very difficult time. Right now we are in a unique place where we can all help to tell the story of the pandemic of 2020.