Dudley George - The man

Dudley George and his sister June were brought from London to live on Canvey by their parents, Harry and Mae, in 1931. Dudley was three months old and June four years. The family first settled in a small shop with accommodation just to the east of Chamberlain Ave, close to where Pickett's bike shop used to be. The property at that time was known as "Money's" and and Dudley's father Harry set up there in his trade of clock and watch repairer, however he soon realised there was little demand for this trade on the Island, at this time, and called on his other skills and and became a local plumber. The Georges did not stay in this location for long as Dudley's paternal grandfather had built the large property (including shop) on the corner of May Ave (now Targethire). This was to be Dudley's home until his marriage to Jean in the early 50s.

Schooldays, all spent on Canvey, were not, in his own words "the happiest days in his life" but as can be seen from these pages, time away from school was a much more pleasurable experience.

Dudley's working life was entirely involved in the print industry, he was apprenticed as a compositor working for a couple of Southend firms (Eden-Fisher was one). Dudley then joined Merlin Printers at Canvey Point. He worked for Merlins for 33 years, for six years as a compositor and then when they changed to lythographic printing he became the Proof Reader until his retirement 16 years ago.