Canada Corner

Photograph was taken on the 4 November 1964. On the left is Doris Kemp from Canada, originally from Canvey. The couple in the middle are Chairman of the Canvey UDC, Councillor Harry Whitcomb, JP and his wife. On the right Donald Legg, Public Health Inspector, Canvey UDC.

Following the East Coast flood disaster of the 31st January 1953, the people of Canada were particularly noteworthy for the generosity of their aid, both monetary and material, for its victims. This response may probably have been initiated by a Mr & Mrs Kemp, former Canvey residents, then living in Canada, who immediately started a collection for flood victims as soon as news of the tragedy hit the headlines.

In the late 50’s, when the Island was ‘back on its feet’ it was the inspired idea of Canvey’s then Chief Public Health Inspector, the late Mr Donald Legg, that a fitting tribute should be made from the people of Canvey Island (who had been the beneficiaries of a large proportion of this aid) to show their gratitude to the citizens of the then Dominion of Canada.

This lasting tribute would take the form of a stand of trees of Canadian origin to be planted at a memorial site on the Island.