Horace Read local photographer

These photos of scenes of Canvey Island and the sea were taken by Mr H Read (I have also seen his name as H L Read) a local photographer I think dated 1930s-40s they are from an album given to us by Norman Chisman local historian. Some of these pictures were copied onto slides so that Norman could use them for his lectures. I believe his name was Horace Leslie Read.

Frank Whitnall met him back when he was doing his articles about the Chapman Lighthouse Frank says:-

I met him only once at his bungalow off Haven Road at some time in the 1960s when he was in his late 60s. He appeared to have retired by then and told me of his one indulgence - a daily swim off Hole Haven or along the beach whatever the weather. As far as I know he lived alone.

The photographs he showed me were entirely of a maritime nature and Canvey Island - and I could see that he was a serious and talented photographer - making me very aware of my mere 'snap-shot' capability!

During our meeting, when he agreed to lend me a number of his photos of the Chapman Lighthouse he showed me his only souvenir of the old lighthouse - a small cast-iron lion's head, smaller than a man's fist, taken from some part of the dismantled superstructure.