Stan Pierce's memories of Canvey Island

Stan Pierce came to Canvey during the blitz in 1943 after first being evacuated to three different locations.

Stan says: I was five when the blitz started. Right underneath it all in Jersey Rd., Canning Town. Living on Canvey wasn't my parents first choice. We were shoved around by the Luftwaffe three times before we arrived on Canvey.  (Stan was first evacuated to'a lovely beauty spot outside HebdenBridge'. Later to Wiveliscombe in Somerset).

Stan's stories cover the period of 1943 to 1951 when he joined the Merchant Navy sailing to Australia where in 1954 fell in love and did not come back.

Stan says: Coming from a long line of merchant seaman I naturally joined up in 1951. I loved the sea. My first trip was as a cabin boy on ship called the Changsi taking emigrants to Australia. There was still rationing on in England at the time so I bought a big 10 lb. Ham: 2 x 2 lb. bags of sugar and a tin of pressed tongue and took them back on the ship to give to my mother when I got home. You should have seen her face when she saw the sugar. Remember the ration books? My mum used to swap the clothing coupons to people for their sugar ration for us kids.
I did a couple of more trips out to Australia and New Zealand until one Christmas in 1954 us young lads went to a dance hall in Brisbane here and met girls. Well, four of us were gonners. We jumped ship and got jobs here. It was the best ever time to be in Australia. We had money galore. But it's a long long story from there to here.
Stan. Brisbane

Stan's fascinating memories of Canvey were found on Gerry Wiseman's WW2 Evacuees Internet site (See HERE). Stan Pierce has now contacted us and has given us his permission to use his stories. With luck we shall be hearing a lot more from him. Welcome to the Archive Stan.