Kynoch Hotel AKA Swift's Hotel


Kynoch’s Hotel had a flat promenade roof, an observation dome for excellent views of the Thames panorama, and was built of brick and stone, boasting a renowned sewage disposal system that drew many interested observers (from photographs of the very obvious pipework, it was presumably pumped up and over the sea-wall).   The cost-estimate for this palatial hotel had been £ 2,000 but Kynoch’s got little change from £ 8,000!  The ‘clock- tower’ was found to have a clock mechanism when demolished but never sported hands or dials!   They also built a 388-foot jetty in front of the hotel in 1907 when they were endeavouring to sell the latter, and had plans for a wharf and railway which were, as always, thwarted by the P.L.A. in 1917.