Old Canvey Bungalow 2008

Now demolished

Location: Behind Cherry Stores
Janet Penn

Today I was walking down to the lake and noticed this old bungalow which was tucked away behind The Cherry Stores had been demolished. Does anyone know the history of this place?

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  • oh what a shame – somebody told me this was built on three tree stumps – any evidence of that?

    By David Bullock (18/01/2010)
  • Hi Dave you were asking about the little house behind Cherry stores. It was me who told you about it being built on three tree stumps. When I stayed there in 1967 they were quite visible but in your 2008 photo the ground around the stumps has been raised. Originally you had to walk up steps to the door. It was called CERISY [a place in northern France]. I wonder if Cherry stores was associated and mistakenly named after the word “cerise”– french for cherry. In my childhood the shop was called the Golden crust bakery.Now I’m retired I’ll try to find out more. Regards Sparrow.

    By Sparrow (31/01/2010)
  • It looks like there’s some plaster decoration on the front, which my brother in law, John, used to do. I’ll ask him if he knows anything about it.

    By Maureen Buckmaster (06/11/2020)

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