Leisure Island Fun Park

Is this the end?

We have all heard about the possibility Leisure Island may not re-open. The archive do not want to get into the whys or wherefores of the situation but we did want to get pictures of the place – just in case.

Scott Petty has been brilliant and allowed us access to the compound to take photos of anything we wanted. This was arranged by our Steve Bullock who took some of the photos. I understand there are more photos to come from when they first started up which will be brilliant.

Lets hope this is not the last we see of Leisure Island Fun Park.

If you have photos taken on the rides over the years and would like to add them please email them in to cca@canveyisland.org or upload them to the site.

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  • Pleased to tell you Leisure Island will be opening again from Thursday.

    By Janet Penn (21/07/2020)

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