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Canvey Gateway

Eight years ago we had the Olympics on our doorstep. Canvey Community Archive were asked to participate in the creation of Canvey Gateway. We are mentioned on the information board at the site. We advised about the history of the crossing at the creek and supplied the photos used on the board. I first visited the site whilst it was still under construction and today I revisited to see how it was looking.

As you can see it does not look its best with the trees barely surviving. Neither cultivated nor left to nature it looks neglected. The information board looks good but could do with a clean. The stepping stones look well used. How many people visit the site I wonder? This is part of our history which should be more recognised.

July 2020

July 2020

July 2012

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  • Hi Jan, thanks for drawing attention to the Canvey Gateway site and it’s present state. I pass it 4 times everyday and each time feel a little disappointed that it hasn’t matured into the welcoming area we had anticipated. At least on the positive side CPBC have mown the grass regularly (originally they had hoped to let nature turn it into a wild flower meadow but the ‘wild flowers’ turned out to be shoulder high ‘triffids’ which completely overwhelmed the whole area for a couple summers). Unfortunately without any nurture nature has not been kind to the trees planted to represent the bronze,silver and gold of the Olympics and they have never produced enough foliage to tell what colour they are. With the mast still standing(sans sail) and the stepping stones almost disappeared the whole meaning of this open space seems to have lost it’s significance.
    Probably beyond the realms of reality but I think the best outcome would be that with the cooperation of the Environment Agency the present functional metalwork should be replaced with an ornate wrought iron archway with WELCOME incorporated in it.

    By Graham Stevens (23/07/2020)

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