Rowan Ing visits Canvey

Rod Bishop and Graham Stevens were interviewed

Yesterday Graham and I had a visit from Rowan Ing who is a young lady making a film about the 1953 flood. This was her second visit as she had visited the library last year on Carnival Day.

The purpose of this visit was to record both Graham’s and my memories of the flood.

This was done at my house and afterwards she wanted to do some more filming on the seawall with the sea in the background.

We were both filmed individually and then together, then she went on filming, including by the Flood Mural. From here we went over to Newlands to see the area where the seawall broke and show her the height the seawall was at the time.

Rowan is a freelance film maker doing work for the BBC and Channel 4, but the Flood film she is making for herself.

I am including a couple of photos of her setting up her camera, one of which I am sure Graham will not be very impressed with.

Rowan at Concord Beach
Rod Bishop
Rowan setting her sights towards the Thames
Rod Bishop
Rowan setting up camera at Concord Beach. Graham looking on.
Rod Bishop

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  • You’re right Rod she looks impressive but who is the old git creeping up behind her ?

    By Graham Stevens (15/02/2020)
  • I thought you were loitering Graham. 🙂

    By Janet Penn (15/02/2020)

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