Some new murals on the sea wall.

I extended my walk along the seawall this morning and was delighted to find some new murals.

Canvey Heights mural.

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  • I have never noticed a mural
    Of the Fred Dibnah great chimney disaster on the sea wall while walking. Is there one or one in the pipeline?
    Was talking to a fisherman at lobster smack about it the other day.

    By Kevin (27/04/2022)
  • There isn’t one. No idea if one is in the pipeline you would have to ask Colin Letchford. Good idea though.

    By Janet Penn (27/04/2022)
  • It’s funny that I always thought he was in pub drinking when it fell down and that’s what the fisherman said but reading the articles on the site that’s not what happened and shows how stories change over time. Thanks for your reply.

    By Kevin (27/04/2022)

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