Where and when?

Calendar photos

Who is going to guess when and where these two photos were taken, we believe we know do you? Please comment below.

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  • The top pic was taken opposite Jones Stores, looking toward the Haystack Corner.

    By Steve Licence (19/06/2020)
  • The bottom photo looks like Lakeside Corner before any development.
    The top one is Jones Corner either on a summer weekend evening when visitors were trying to leave the Island and/or when the bridge was up which caused long tailbacks.

    By Maureen Buckmaster (19/06/2020)
  • I agree with Steve. It would be just after Albert Jones built the shops next to his store. 1955 or so. I suspect it’s early on a Sunday evening and the traffic was queueing to get off the Island, as it was high tide and the bridge was opening and shutting to let the boats get to Benfleet Yacht Club. We lived close to the Benfleet Downs then and used to sit there and watch the line of cars waiting for the bridge to open.

    By Miall James (20/06/2020)
  • I don’t think that the second picture is Lakeside Corner: there seems to be too many telephone lines for Canvey at the time suggested by the clothing of the people in the photo. Even after the Flood, Canvey still was using 3-digit phone numbers, e.g., the “Casino” was Canvey 111 until, I think, after 1958.

    By Steve Licence (22/06/2020)
  • The second photo is in fact Lakeside Corner. We have several photos taken of the area which confirm it.

    By Janet Penn (22/06/2020)

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