BBC Essex Quest

The Quest visits the B17 information board and memorial benches.

On the right BBC Essex's Liana from the Quest with Janet from the Archive.

Sunday 28th April was a cold, blustery and damp day when BBC Essex’s Quest came to visit Canvey. The 2nd clue that Barry and Liana were given brought them to the B17 information board and memorial benches on the seawall at the end of Beveland Road. Janet was there to greet them and tell them and their listeners a bit about the plane collision that happened 75 years ago.

Click on the photo and you will be taken to BBC Essex Quest page where you can hear Janet’s interview. Just slide the red dot over to about 1.20.

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  • Yes, of course I must comment on the B17 incident as myself and a friend cycled as quickly as possible to where we suspected the bomber had crashed, we could see smoke rising at Leigh Beck Point. On reaching the sea wall at that location we viewed with horror that terrible scene! Soon after we arrived we saw the little Jeep fire engine arriving and coming over the wall, a fireman saw that my friend and I had gone down into the wreckage area and yelled at us to “get back“ due to exploding ammunition!!

    Such a tragic occurrence to have actually witnessed.

    By Gerald Hudson (30/04/2019)

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