Canvey represented at Southend Carnival

21st August 2010

On Saturday evening 21st August 2010, a float was entered into Southend-on-Sea’s torchlight carnival parade. Joan Liddiard writes “Our Canvey Island float in Southend Carnival looked a picture. Its surprising what can be done in such a short time. Thanks to John & Janice Payne, Sharon and the children who worked tirelessly, Marsoms for the loan of the truck, Bob Ford for driving it, Dave Blackwell for being so supportive and generally jollying us all along, also Eddie and Malcolm.”

Video no longer available.

Janice by the float
(c) Dave Bullock
In all her glory
(c) Dave Bullock
Dave drives the float away after the event
(c) Dave Bullock

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  • Thank you for putting this on your page. I was fortunate to recieve and invitation to Southend Carnival Launch Party which was held about a month ago. I took Joan along with me and we had a really great night. Lots of entertainment, Carribean food and Rossi ice cream.

    Whilst there we spoke to various members of the Southend Carnival Committee and the Mayor Anne Holland. It was suggested to us about entering a float for Canvey Island at their carnival and possibly re-launching Canvey Island Carnival. At first Joan thought I was mad as I was really up for building a float. I instantly suggested building a Dutch Cottage and a beach scene which is mostly how Canvey was shown on old postcards.

    The idea of re-launching Canvey Island Carnival was an exciting opportunity too which we have developed from too. Friday 13th August we started to build our Dutch Cottage and beach scene out of recycling used cardboard and other materials that were kindly donated by local people. Dave Blackwell allowed us to use his storage facility to enable us construct them out of the rain and also donated the lights and some other materials we needed.

    Sharon Scott came onboard to do our artwork for the banners and her children, my son and his friends helped with papermache and painting. Having the kids help out was great fun and they all enjoyed themselves. Also a very kind local businessman who does not seek publicity but wanted to give us all the help he could arranged with Marsoms who kindly donated the vehicle which we had no idea of the size and to our amazement the cottage fitted perfectly. I told you I wasnt crazy in my estimations as I stretched my arms out to guess Joan !! :o)

    This gentleman also helped with encouragement and even lent a hand. To the youngsters he was THE MAN !!. We took a total of four days to complete and the result of all our work has been amazing. Bob drove our float and we arrived intact and ready for the walk ahead of us.

    Dave, Joan, Sharon, the youngsters and myself all walked alongside the float and people were cheering. It was really gratifyng to receivie cheers and applause along the route of which many people were from Canvey Island. I was proud to walk next to our float and we all had a fun time along with raising money for the chosen charities of Southend Carnival which were HARP and Bosom Pals.

    Since the launch night, a month ago, we have also been in talks with the Canvey Island Town Council about re-launching a Carnival here. We have formed a committee and have the backing of several members, including Eddie Bishop a local man, of the Southend Carnival Committee.

    By Jan Payne (22/08/2010)
  • That is what it is all about isn’t it Jan. Everyone working together. Great for the kids. BRING BACK THE CARNIVAL

    By Janet Penn (22/08/2010)
  • Excellent! That’s a very impressive Dutch Cottage.

    By Graham Stevens (23/08/2010)

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