Pool March 21st August

Protestors march to 'Save our Pool'

Despite inclement weather the march was well supported

The weather was more like March than August but that did not deter the supporters of ‘Save our Pool’ from turning out for the short march from the Labworth Car park to the pool. The marchers snaked their way from the car park along the seawall arriving at Concord beach with threatening clouds hanging over them.

About eight months has passed since we first heard the pool was to close and we are still unsure of the future. The Borough Council have agreed to hand over the pool to the Town Council but we do not know what the details are and if the Town Council will be able to meet any of the Borough Councils conditions.

In the meantime a Charitable status is being sought for the supporters group and a fund is being raised to help with the maintenance costs of the pool should it survive. If you wish to contribute to the fund, collection places set up so far are: Concord Café, Donut/Candy Floss hut opposite the Monico and Northwick Garden Centre. If we find out any others we will update you.

The March snaking up from Labworth Car Park

Along the seawall

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  • Good turn out!

    By David Bullock (22/08/2010)
  • Rebecca Harris our MP came home early from her family holiday specially to attend this march.

    By Tom Jea (25/08/2010)

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