Corner Club Fire Video

Thanks to Terry Hayes

Back in the old days - Smallgains Club
(c) Dave Bullock
Special Thanks to Terry Hayes

In the early hours of Tuesday 9th November 2010, the Canvey Club at Smallgains Corner on Canvey Island burnt down. The story is covered elsewhere on this site, but here we have a video taken at about 04:55 a.m. by Terry Hayes. Terry has kindly agreed to allow us to share this with you on If you have any memories of the Canvey Club, or Smallgains Club as it was also called in the past, please post a comment at the bottom of the page.

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  • I was saddened to hear about the Corner Club, and I am sure it will rise again from the ashes. This old building was the ‘Civic Restaurant’ during WW2. Does anyone else remember it. You had to purchase discs at the door for soup, dinner and sweet. …….Happy days

    By June Knock nee Ward (23/11/2010)
  • Yes I remember it well. My grandfather Fred Mileman owned or part owned the Small Gains Club when I was little. I remember going there with him and my parents from about 1953 to 1960. It had a snug where the ladies and I used to sit and a snooker room with 3 snooker tables. I think there was another bar but I never went in it. I have fond memories of sneaking in the snooker room and laying under one of the tables with a golden retriever called Sandy. I don’t recognise the picture though, perhaps it was taken from the back. Because I remember it being on a corner and shaped that way.

    By Kathy (12/03/2011)
  • I was interested in reading this item as Fred Mileman was my fathers uncle who I visisted him and his wife Rose in the late 50s . Does anybody know whether he was a Fireman . Also can Kathy contact me please as we may be related. By Roger

    By Roger Mileman (27/07/2013)
  • I took ownership of the Corner Club just before it burnt down in 2010 & still own it today. A member who died last year told me he remembered a landlady from around the 1960’s I think, called Betty Miles. However I think Peter who had it before me took over from his father in the 70’s. Does anyone remember Betty Miles? If so I’d love to see a photo of her, as we’ve had an apparition of a lady that sounded like her appear one night when we were closing. There was also supposedly “ghost” sailors witnessed before it burnt down. I know there was advertising cards there that detailed a full orchestra several times a week and a ballroom. Does anyone remember this or know how long it’s been there?

    By Lee Petch (14/11/2020)

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