Bomb Disposal Unit

at the Heritage Centre again

A Militaria Exhibition at the Heritage Centre today presented by the Bay Museum and the Thameside Aviation Museum brought back memories of about twelve years ago when the bomb disposal unit was at the Heritage Centre for real. Ammunition had been taken into the Centre, where they were holding a similar exhibition. The ammunition was found to be live and probably dangerous because of its age, so a bomb disposal unit was sent and the place evacuated and local streets shut off. The ammo was dealt with safely.  Fortunately todays visit was part of the exhibition and the lads kindly posed for the camera.

Jason Knight and crew

The Exhibition is on again tomorrow and well worth a visit.

Bomb Disposal Unit

A Marine Art Exhibition is on at the Centre on the 16th and 17th July to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the Chapman Lighthouse.

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  • Chapman Lighthouse was 88 years old when I living at Canvey in the 40s I did not know that it was that old then, but I was only 13. I used to go out to it at low tide and wonder about it while I was Crabbing in the tide pools. It is now that its age of 160 years made me comment why it is important as a historical monument as well as and I assume it is still working to guide the shipping.

    By norman bayley (23/03/2013)
  • The lighthouse is long gone Norman but it is still part of Canvey’s history.

    By Janet Penn (24/03/2013)

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