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New pictures

These are new pictures taken within the site showing the work in progress over the last few months.

Aerial View

Looking West

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  • Does not appear to give up to date info – cannot see the weird circular thing in the middle – has no info under the photos and gives no indication as to whether a lift is to be installed for handicapped pupils or staff. Could we have explanations and clearer photos please

    By Margaret (23/05/2011)
  • Margaret this is not meant to be an up to date information website. I do not have the information you are asking for. Some of the pictures have been taken from posters put up outside the building site, I do not have access to the site. I have many more pictures which I have personally taken but not had time to place online as I am very busy putting other people’s pictures and stories online. I am only one person and can only do so much for which a little appreciation would be welcome

    By Janet Penn (23/05/2011)
  • Sorry I had no way of knowing that as the site came up as an ‘official site’. Might be good if a comprehensive display was given by the council/government/or whoever is responsible for it all instead of leaving it to volunteers as always. Thank you for your work. The school have been putting some pictures on but even they have been limited to only certain aspects of it and I have been totally unable to find out if and where in the structure there are lifts for disabled pupils and staff. I got the impression from one source that the peculiar circle thing in the centre was likely to be a huge sports hall but as no windows are evident I hope it isn’t. Thank you again for your efforts and reply.

    By Margaret (23/05/2011)
  • We are an archive site originally funded by the Lottery, created by the Essex Libraries, Record office and Canvey Islanders. We are now funded by local businesses and totally run by volunteering Canvey Islanders. Our main aim is to get Canvey’s history online but try to cover as much as we can of what is happening today as this is the history of tomorrow.

    There was considerable plans available online from Essex CC and Skanska, Margaret and the virtual tour and presentation can still be seen on Castle View site if you look back to February 2010.

    No the big circular thing is not the sports hall that is a totally separate building over the back by the sports fields.

    Why not call in at the site and speak to one of their representatives they are very helpful. I would imagine there is disabled facilities is it not the law now? I cannot see any lifts in the plans but they are probably there somewhere, there are disabled toilets. I think I may have spotted a lift by the disabled toilets, just inside the entrance is what looks like the lift.

    By Janet Penn (24/05/2011)
  • Ok – thanks for your help

    By Margaret. (24/05/2011)

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