The Bay Museum Exhibition

Battle of Britain and the Blitz

The Bay Museum put on an exhibition at the Heritage Centre today. The theme this time is the Battle of Britain and the Blitz.

Well worth a visit, on today (15th) and Sunday.

The Bay Museum

Model of a Hurricane

The exhibition

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  • The Bay Museum. WWii and the Blitz. It was good to see some mention and coverage of the part that Canadian forces, Army, Navy, Airforce and Merchant Marines played during WWII in Britain. It also reminded me of an incredible co-incidence concerning a Canadian serviceman whom we had contact with during the war while on Canvey Island.

    Many British families would invite Canadian, and other service members for Sunday dinners. My Grand parents did so quite a few times and my sister and I were sometimes included. On one of those occasions we met a Canadian serviceman who was a Dispatch motor cyclist, I think. He had a book with photos of various Canadian scenes and would tell us about the huge Wheat growing farms on the Prairies of his country. As the war progressed he was transferred and we lost touch with him. His name had been very difficult for us kids to pronounce but we were able to say it eventually. His name was Harry Bogdonov.

    Following the 1953 floods our family moved to Canada and we had been advised to locate in Winnipeg, Manitoba due to the fact that there would be jobs available in the Natural Gas Industry. On our second day in Winnipeg, (which had a population of about 400,000) and as we walked along one of the streets where we were to look for an apartment to rent, we also saw a lorry with a sign on the side with the name “Bogdognov’s Dry Cleaners and Laundry” !! Could it possibly be the soldier we had met during the war.?? We noted the phone number and once we were settled in our first accommodation in Canada, we phoned the number, and guess what?? It was one and the same.!! When he knew that we had moved to Canada he came to our apartment, bringing several electric appliances including a Toaster,radio and clock.!! He also took us all out for a ride in his big car to show us around our new area. What an incredible experience and co-incidence.!! Gerald Hudson

    By Gerald Hudson (30/09/2012)

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