History being made

The Thames off Canvey Today

In the distance a giant appears
Janet Penn
Close-up of the cranes while they were still a long way away
Janet Penn
The sun came too
Janet Penn
Then the Waverley appears looking so tiny against the giant cranes
Janet Penn
Waverley passing the cranes and tug
Janet Penn
The cranes continuing its journey to the new port
Janet Penn

History was being made off Canvey today when a ship carrying giant cranes sailed┬ápass Canvey towards the new container port. In the opposite direction came the tiny Waverley carrying sightseers back to Southend. Like a scene from a film someone must have said “action”┬ábecause right in front of us – enter left, the cranes, enter right, the Waverley. Great photo opportunity and history recorded for the future.

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  • Great subject and pictures Janet. Is there a close-up of the Waverley,? it looks like a twin “stacker” from the 1940’s, The crane moving project looks amazing.

    By Gerald hudson (02/10/2013)
  • No Gerald not this time but if you put Waverley in the search engine you will see a picture I took of it passing last year.

    By Janet Penn (02/10/2013)
  • Thanks again Janet. I went to the web site and saw the amazing history of the Waverleys as there were two of them. The first had an incredible Dunkirk connection. Saw some great pictures of the present vessel.

    By Gerald Hudson (02/10/2013)

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