Katy Manning from Dr Who in Canvey Island

Chris Fenwick Presents Canvey Shorts

Katy Manning as Elsa in Journey Men
Sam Gracey
Fantasy Fairground, Journey Men
Sam Gracey
Chris Fenwick as the Ferryman in Journey Men
Sam Gracey

Elsa is a bully and a nightmare to everyone around her. She also lives in a care home and suffers from dementia. While her son and daughter-in-law struggle to deal with her behaviour, Elsa struggles with her overwhelming fear of death; holding on to bitterness and anger as if they were lifelines.
The title of the story refers to the mythical characters of Hermes ‘the guide of souls’ and
Charon, ‘the ferryman to the land of the dead’. Although the story does involve a journey from the conscious to the unconscious, Journey Men is essentially a story about loss of control, solitude and fear of the unknown.

Journey Men is a 13 minute short film written by actress/director Vee Vimolmal with ex Dr Who companion Katy Manning in the lead role, Canvey’s own Dr Feelgood manager Chris Fenwick in a striking cameo and Emmy award winner Sam Gracey as the Director of Photography.
The story was largely inspired by the locations of Canvey and subsequently entirely shot there over a glorious weekend in May 2012, with many supporting roles acted out by Canvey locals.

The finished film will now by shown at the Southend Film Festival 2013, as part of Chris Fenwick Presents Canvey Shorts at the Dixon Studio, 4 May 2013, 2:30pm.

It will be shown together with other shorts filmed in Canvey, including Vee Vimolmal’s second project on Canvey Island, Cracks, a 20 minute short film about the broken childhood and lives of two sisters.


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  • I saw this being filmed on the wall outside my house! Wondered what it was all about!

    By Liam Heatherson (13/04/2013)

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