102 Years Old

Tram Trailer

Waiting to be rescued.
Kathy Rastall

The tram trailer recently found in Chapman Road by builders Bob and Tony Pettitt when they were demolishing an old bungalow appears to have been identified.

We understand it is a tram trailer as seen in the photo at the bottom. It is very rare and it is 102 years old.

The car was a familiar site in ZelhamĀ Drive many years ago when the properties ran from Chapman to Zelham. Sorry about this very grainy picture. Hopefully we may get a better copy.

The Tram trailer has been donated to the Transport Museum.

Once a familiar site at Zelham Road

Photo of the original trailer (right). Photo taken c1915-1917

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  • Wow this is fascinating I used to live in Zelham Drive.

    By Teresa Harrison (28/01/2021)
  • The LCC tram trailers were built by Brush (builders of the four motorised trams for Canvey) and in service from 1913 to 1924. They were put up for sale from Balham and Brixton Hill depots and many found new uses as holiday homes around the south coast. This car is not the only one to survive and await preservation. There is a very detailed book “The LCC Trailers” by M J D Willsher, published by LRTA and probably only available second-hand.

    By Colin Withey (06/11/2022)

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