Pilgrimage from the USA

Tom and Linda Schulte

Today we had more visitors from the USA. Tom and Linda Schulte.

Tom Schulte is the nephew of one of the crew of Heavenly Body II the B17 that crashed off the Point at Canvey. His uncle Louis died in the crash, his body was found at Southend Pier.

Janet Walden, Dave Thorndike and I met with the Schultes at the B17 information board where we took some photos. We then showed them the Mural. We went on to the War Memorial where the original memorial to the B17 crash is situated. Here Tom was given a cross to place near the plaque.

Janet and I had to leave them then as we had a meeting to attend but Dave Thorndike took them onto the Bay Museum to see some of the artefacts there from the plane. I believe a small piece of the wreckage was given to Tom.

The couple had already spent Saturday and Sunday with Geoff Burke visiting Kimbolton, Madingley Cemetery and the  USAAF Museum at Duxford.

They fly home on Friday. Come back soon.

Janet Walden and Dave Thorndike with Tom and Linda Schulte
J Penn
Tom pointing to his uncle in the mural
J Penn
Linda and Tom at the War Memorial
J Penn

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  • I spent WW 2 on Canvey Island and witnessed the collision of the two B17’s. I got a tremendously proud feeling as I viewed the article above.  Proud for the British people and especially Canvey Islanders together with our great Archive site members. Tom and Linda Shulte will return home, I’m sure, with very complimentary words about the Memorial and all other materials assembled in memory of those brave American airmen, and with reference to Tom’s Uncle. Congratulations to all connected with this very important project.


    By Gerald Hudson (01/04/2016)

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