BBC 4 Timeshift

Filming on Canvey

Michael Bower (Sound and Research), Lucie Green (presenter), Ian Watts (Camera), and Tom Cholmondeley (Producer/Director).
Janet Penn
Janet Penn
At Tewkes Creek
Janet Penn

We recently heard from the researcher, Michael Bower, who was working for BBC4 history series Timeshift. They were making a documentary about the history of extreme weather in Britain and were coming to Canvey to film and they asked for our help with some pictures.

During the filming they interviewed Ray Howard in North Avenue where he lived at the time of the flood and visited the local school. They asked me to meet them at Tewkes Creek so they could get some background to the event. 

I took then along the wall to the area near where the wall first gave way. With the help of maps and a paper from 1953 they were able to get a better understanding of what happened. They then took some footage to add to the programme. 

Finally they allowed me to turn the camera on them before they dropped me home.

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  • This programme will be on BBC4 on Monday 28th at 9pm.

    By Janet Penn (23/07/2014)

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